Stealth Society

Bracelets of Power

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  • Black - OSFA
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  • Red - OSFA
  • One of Each Color - OSFA $10.00

Level Up with the Power of Stealth!!! Concur ∆nything, ∆nytime, ∆nywhere with this bracelet around your wrist. With this on, You are not alone, we are a pact and we are with you.

SCENARIO: You're trying to get into this totally awesome party and as usual there's some gargantuious human standing guard, blocking the door and keeping you from all the good times to be had. Relax. Feel the Power within, harness it and unleash it. Just Give'r and walk right on by, as you do slightly pull up your sleeve exposing the bracelet, give em the ol' nodd and boogie right on in. No worries. Your Power was far too overwhelming. Repeat and use this tactic in other instances when necessary.

W∆RNING: Use power Wisely, don't abuse it, don't misuse it.

Custom DeBossed Silicone Bracelets.

  • Black - OSFA 5 in stock

  • White - OSFA 5 in stock

  • Red - OSFA 5 in stock

  • One of Each Color - OSFA 10 in stock